descriptionServer of on-line testing system
ownerSergey Sharybin
last changeMon, 17 May 2010 05:22:58 +0000 (11:22 +0600)
2010-05-17 Sergey I. SharybinFixed typo in TTestlibFile constructor master
2010-02-15 Sergey I. SharybinFixed WebTester crash after checker's segmentation...
2009-12-15 Alex AnkudinovFixed some typos.
2009-12-15 Sergey I. SharybinFixed very stupid typo from previous commit.
2009-12-15 Sergey I. SharybinFixed bug with unlinking testing directories, which...
2009-10-22 Sergey I. SharybinFixed stupid typo in email in file headers.
2009-10-21 Sergey I. Sharybin* src/stuff/scripts/install/templates/Makefile.librun...
2009-10-20 Sergey I. Sharybin* Fixed compilation error on new kernels.
2009-10-18 Sergey I. Sharybin* Made kernel source/headers directory...
2009-09-28 Sergey I. Sharybin* src/stuff/scripts/install/stuff/
2009-09-26 Sergey I. Sharybin* src/stuff/scripts/install/stuff/,
2009-09-19 Sergey I. Sharybin* src/stuff/scripts/install/,
2009-09-19 Sergey I. SharybinFixed typo with URL generating in send_putsolution_mess...
2009-09-19 Sergey I. SharybinFixed compilation error on libsoup-2.2.
2009-09-19 Sergey I. SharybinFixed bug with putting solutions with big OUTPUT_PARAMS...
2009-08-16 Sergey I. SharybinInitial implementation of chain testing.
9 years ago v5.0.3-m1 Milestone 1 for WebTester version...
9 years ago v5.0.2 Release of version 5.0.2
9 years ago v5.0.1 Release of version 5.0.1
9 years ago v5.0.0 Release of version 5.0.0
7 years ago mrt-tester
8 years ago master