2012-11-20 Sergey SharybinCode cleanup: more clear variable name master
2012-11-12 Sergey I. SharybinIntial implementation of window resising by it's edges
2012-11-12 Sergey I. SharybinAdded status icons to viewport elements
2011-08-06 Sergey I. SharybinAttempt to fix problems with panel menu displaying...
2011-08-06 Sergey I. SharybinInitial implementation of notification manager
2011-07-02 Sergey I. SharybinUI test: shadows for windows, pop-ups, menus, combo...
2011-05-17 Sergey I. SharybinSet focusDOM for editable combobox
2011-05-17 Sergey I. SharybinInitial setFocus implementation for containers, so...
2011-05-16 Sergey I. SharybinFixed bug with radioGroup initial biding value
2011-05-16 Sergey I. SharybinDisplay item's image near input field in UICombobox
2011-05-15 Sergey I. SharybinAllow selection of item in combobox using arrows and...
2011-05-13 Sergey I. SharybinDisable pointer mouse cursor for editable combobox
2011-05-13 Sergey I. SharybinFix for editable combobox and items with images
2011-05-13 Sergey I. Sharybin- Implemented variants list for UIComboBox
2011-05-13 Sergey I. SharybinFix for dragging actions for IE9
2011-05-13 Sergey I. SharybinImplemented editable combobox mode
2011-05-12 Sergey I. SharybinMinor fix for IE9
2011-05-12 Sergey I. Sharybin- Implemented "resizeTo" for UIWindiow
2011-04-16 Sergey I. SharybinAttmept to make UIEntry and UIButton be the same height
2011-04-16 Sergey I. SharybinForgot this in previous commit
2011-04-16 Sergey I. SharybinOnChanged event for UIRadioGroup
2011-04-14 Sergey I. SharybinFixed incorrect hover for active radio group item
2011-04-14 Sergey I. SharybinUse nice hover image for radiou groups
2011-04-14 Sergey I. SharybinRemoved unneeded alert
2011-04-14 Sergey I. SharybinFixed duplicated intems in UIComboBox
2011-04-10 Sergey I. SharybinFixed bug with incorrect FIleBrowser widget when file...
2011-04-10 Sergey I. SharybinInitial implementation of UIRadioGroup widget
2011-04-05 Sergey I. SharybinonToggle event for UIToggleButton
2011-04-05 Sergey I. SharybinRevert "Applications and tasks are bold again"
2011-04-05 Sergey I. SharybinMerge branch 'master' of vpn-server:ui-dev
2011-03-24 Sergey I. SharybinUIToggleButton:
2011-03-24 Sergey I. SharybinNicer shading for pressed ComboBox
2011-03-24 Sergey I. SharybinInitial implementation og ToggleButton widget
2011-01-18 Sergey I. SharybinApplications and tasks are bold again
2011-01-17 Sergey I. SharybinFixed artifact with UICollapseBox under Chromium
2011-01-16 Sergey I. SharybinFixed bug with zero-sized combobox items list
2011-01-14 Sergey I. SharybinButtons could be flat now.
2011-01-05 Sergey I. SharybinCombobox and list active index could eb specified via...
2011-01-01 Sergey I. SharybinFixed bug with FileEntry bindings
2010-12-22 Sergey I. SharybinFixed typo
2010-12-22 Sergey I. SharybinEach UIWidget could now have list of custom classNames...
2010-12-22 Sergey I. Sharybin- Padding for UILabel
2010-12-21 Sergey I. SharybinUICollapseBox:
2010-12-21 Sergey I. SharybinForeground and background could be specified for UILabel
2010-12-21 Sergey I. SharybinFixed bug with setting UIProgress height
2010-12-21 Sergey I. SharybinFixed typo in UIViewportItem move threshold checking
2010-12-20 Sergey I. SharybinFix for prevoious commit.
2010-12-20 Sergey I. SharybinAnimated window showing/closing could be disabled now
2010-12-20 Sergey I. SharybinDo not call itemMoved callback if item hasn't been
2010-12-20 Sergey I. SharybinAdded threshold for UIViewportItem start moving
2010-12-18 Sergey I. SharybinHide overlowed part of image
2010-12-18 Sergey I. SharybinImage alignment attribute
2010-12-18 Sergey I. SharybinRevert "Call UIButton click handler out of context"
2010-12-18 Sergey I. SharybinCall UIButton click handler out of context
2010-12-18 Sergey I. SharybinPer-cell alignment in UIGrid
2010-12-17 Sergey I. Sharybin- New widget: UIImage
2010-12-17 Sergey I. SharybinNew widget: UIProgress
2010-12-16 Sergey I. SharybinFix for moving checker when there is no viewport
2010-12-16 Sergey I. SharybinMerge branch 'master' of vpn-server:ui-dev
2010-12-16 Sergey I. SharybinUIWindow animation when showing, closing, miminizing...
2010-12-16 Sergey I. SharybinFix for zIndex modal background policy
2010-12-16 Sergey I. SharybinFix for viewportless pages
2010-12-16 Sergey I. Sharybin- UIWindow could now be modal. Modal windows have got...
2010-12-16 Sergey I. SharybinMerge branch 'master' of vpn-server:ui-dev
2010-12-15 Sergey I. SharybinWindow's buttons could be specified via constructor...
2010-12-15 Sergey I. SharybinWindow's could be specified via constructor's opts
2010-12-14 Sergey I. SharybinSpinButton value could now be specified through constru...
2010-12-14 Sergey I. SharybinFixed bug with UIFileEntry in Opera
2010-12-14 Sergey I. SharybinNice icon for Browse button in UIFileEntry
2010-12-14 Sergey I. SharybinImplemented images for UIComboBox
2010-12-14 Sergey I. Sharybin- New widget: UILink
2010-12-02 Sergey I. SharybinHide previous menus when right-click on UIViewportItem
2010-12-02 Sergey I. SharybinPrevent UIViewportItem's image dragging in IE -- fixes...
2010-12-02 Sergey I. SharybinImplemented bindings for UIFileEntry.
2010-12-01 Sergey I. Sharybin- UIList's item toString could be a string, which point...
2010-12-01 Sergey I. SharybinBasic support of widget input bindings
2010-12-01 Sergey I. SharybinDisable outline for INPUT and TEXTAREA
2010-11-29 Sergey I. SharybinSmall fix for browsers without function.call (IE6....
2010-11-28 Sergey I. SharybinFixed dynamic changing visibility setting
2010-11-28 Sergey I. SharybinSupport of attaching to basic events from JSON specific...
2010-11-26 Sergey I. SharybinAdded custom file chooser input
2010-11-26 Sergey I. SharybinGrid cell's width and height could be specified through...
2010-11-26 Sergey I. SharybincellStyles could now be passed in options to UIGrid
2010-11-26 Sergey I. Sharybin- Fixed bug with multiplie times tab content creation
2010-11-26 Sergey I. SharybinRemove margin from button's image when title is empty
2010-11-25 Sergey I. SharybinPrevent false endDrag handle calling
2010-11-25 Sergey I. SharybinFix for item's context menu
2010-11-25 Sergey I. SharybinDeny viewport items be moved outside viewport
2010-11-25 Sergey I. SharybinValidate viewport items positions when window was resized
2010-11-25 Sergey I. SharybinViewport items could now be created at specified position
2010-11-25 Sergey I. SharybinAdded onItemEndMove callback to UIViewport
2010-11-25 Sergey I. SharybinLets license under MIT
2010-11-23 Sergey I. SharybinFixed typo which lead to fatal errr in IE
2010-11-23 Sergey I. SharybinFix for rviewport item context menu toggled by right...
2010-11-23 Sergey I. SharybinAdded offset to viewport item context menu to prevent...
2010-11-23 Sergey I. SharybinDefault items for menu
2010-11-23 Sergey I. SharybinContext menu for viewport items
2010-11-23 Sergey I. Sharybin- Set embedding handlers immediatelly if document.body...
2010-11-11 Sergey I. SharybinDo not show window empty menu by right click
2010-11-11 Sergey I. Sharybin- Fixed bug with left mouse button determination in...